Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plurk Emoticons Final Set(Karma over 100)

So Finally!!!!

You have reached what few people give up on early or late...Karma 100!!!!! LOL

ok so that was a bit overreacting, but I did experience the same way when I obtained it..nothing felt better ^_^

There isn't much to say about this level instead it has plenty of new emoticons.

 -> (MUHAHA)
 -> (BEER)
 -> (COFFEE)
 -> (FISH_HIT)
 -> (MUSCLE)

The hard part with this is maintaining it, some fail to maintain it from going down. So keep plurking and boosting LOL.

-up next: all the other bonus stuff  ^_^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plurk Emoticons 4th Set(Karma over 81)

This is the hard part, when you get to 81 above, the karma meter seems to slow down sometimes you'll see that even if you've posted a lot, it doesn't go the way it should be. Well that's the challenge that plurk does to its users to keep themselves away from spamming and produce good conversation, however some still get away with boosting, not that it's a bad thing but it becomes a bad habit that would turn away people that would like to talk to you.

When you've reached this level you'll be receiving this emoticons:

 -> (NINJA)
 -> (HAHA)

Note: You'll see it as part of the extra set on your emoticon list.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plurk Emoticons 3rd Set(Karma over 51)

You'll experience some slowdown after you've reached Karma level 51 and this is where most people would probably get a bit bored and would just want to be boosted by their friends, followers or bots. Anyway, this is also quite critical, as with experience, they are not forgiving with karma down. It will take a lot of time to get it back.
Anyways, Here are the emoticons you'll get when you reach that level:

 -> (DOH)
 -> (ROFL)
 -> (MONEY)
 -> (ROCK)
 -> (PARTY)
 -> 8-)
 -> (GYM)
 -> (HEART)
 -> (DEVIL)
 -> (LMAO)

Karma Freeze is very simple. Just go to My Account on the top right portion of your screen and scroll down you'll see the Karma Freeze button, this is very useful when you are going on a longer vacation or don't have the time to plurk. However you'll lose around 0.5 karma as payment for the karma vacation. I don't know how long the freeze lasts but assumingly it can last very long.

April 3, 1971 - April 1, 2011

40th Anniversary Movie of Kamen Rider Series

Not much info on the website, although as far as I've searched the internet there is a good possibility that some of the original characters will return for a one time gathering at this said movie. After all, if we remember All Riders vs. DaiShocker it's probably one of the biggest hit in their history.

I for one is excited to see all these original ones back.

Kamen Rider OOO, Den-O and Ichigou all on the same movie. I really damn hope that all would be accounted for..

The date April 3, 1971 is historic for the whole kamen rider series, this is where it all began.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plurk Emoticons 2nd Set(Karma Over 25)

So, you must have reached 25 in a matter of hours or days perhaps. That is actually a very easy feat to do, all you need is to post a lot to keep it afloat. Now maintaining it is as easy as posting at least 5 plurks per half-day, that's enough to keep your karma from going down. You may even get a raised up karma by the end of the day. Now, here are the emoticons you will earn once you go over 25.

 -> (K)
 -> (ANGRY)
 ->(WAVE) or (BYE)
 ->  B-)
 -> (:

Just a side note, I love to use the cozy's just so cute :3

Anyways, Another topic for today is about Karma Down and How To Recover It.
For example, You posted the minimum recommended daily allowance of 30 per day, but with all that fun and excitement from plurking, you forgot that you are overplurking. Usually it's a good thing, but on plurk where there must be a zen-like balance on everything they'll see it as spamming and will really flush all that hard-earned karma to the toilet. This is easy to recover though, all you need to do is refrain from plurking for a few hours, wait until you don't see the karma down sign and you may post once more. Not following this would lead to an even worse karma loss.

Another reason for karma down is when you are not around for awhile and you forgot to plurk or to freeze your karma for the meantime. Karma Freeze will be discussed on the next blog post. To recover from this, just post as much as you can, but not too much, you'll be seeing the green arrow anytime now.

One last reason for karma down, probably has something to do with your friends, now it is all common sense that you have to act proper no matter where you are, whether online or offline, these are real people you are talking to. So for example if you act like an ass and the other party does not like it or play to your game then he/she will not hesitate to remove you from his/her timeline. Now it is also karma down on his/her part, but it's much worse on you, so govern your actions accordingly.

Now I don't mean to scare people into thinking everything should just be like a plain conversation with no spice, what I actually mean is that everything has its own place and time.