Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plurk Emoticons 1st Set(Basic)

 Plurk is a social networking site that allows you to post 140 characters or less. Some would think it is like Twitter, although this is a bit different. For me, this seems like a chatroom within a chatroom. Example. If i post something like this you'll be able to reply to that post as long as you are listed on the friends list or even if you are just following me or whoever posted it.

This has a system called the 'karma' system, wherein users must post at least 30 or less plurks a day to achieve a some sort of a level up in the system. Now, this doesn't mean you'll win some cool prizes or whatsoever, each karma level has its own set of cute emoticons you can earn by posting or plurking each day.

 -> :))                                                       
 -> :)
 -> :D
 -> (LOL)
 -> :P
 -> (WOOT)
 -> ;-)
 -> :-o
 -> X(
 -> :(
 -> :’(
 -> :-&

Above is the 1st set of the emoticons, the basic ones, assumingly that you are below karma level 25. 
Achieving karma can be easy at first to obtain but in later times it gets difficult, however with perseverance and determination to earn that level 100 spot, that is something that can be considered an accomplishment.

Now, to earn karma,  there are two ways, one is to add a lot of people, have them flood, or most would say boost you to get levels up, another way is to get a hold of the bots that will post everytime you post something. Second way to earn karma is to find a friend to hold conversations with, it is really awesome that you'll find yourself chatting all day or all night long while noticing that your karma is rising up at the same time.

That's it for today, Karma Down and how to get it back will be discussed tomorrow. :)

-edit- I had to put some highlights on some of the emoticons due to some error on the font colors, everyone else is white, how come the others don't follow suit?

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