Monday, January 10, 2011

Plurk Emoticons 3rd Set(Karma over 51)

You'll experience some slowdown after you've reached Karma level 51 and this is where most people would probably get a bit bored and would just want to be boosted by their friends, followers or bots. Anyway, this is also quite critical, as with experience, they are not forgiving with karma down. It will take a lot of time to get it back.
Anyways, Here are the emoticons you'll get when you reach that level:

 -> (DOH)
 -> (ROFL)
 -> (MONEY)
 -> (ROCK)
 -> (PARTY)
 -> 8-)
 -> (GYM)
 -> (HEART)
 -> (DEVIL)
 -> (LMAO)

Karma Freeze is very simple. Just go to My Account on the top right portion of your screen and scroll down you'll see the Karma Freeze button, this is very useful when you are going on a longer vacation or don't have the time to plurk. However you'll lose around 0.5 karma as payment for the karma vacation. I don't know how long the freeze lasts but assumingly it can last very long.

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