Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plurk Emoticons (Special Set)

*It's been awhile since I last posted here it has been quite a pretty busy week all throughout. Last time I posted here was the plurk 100 emoticons, this time around I'm gonna be posting the special ones, meaning you have to look around the internet or you have to do something in plurk to be rewarded of these emoticons.*

Recruiting 10 friends in plurk comes in many benefits especially if they become active too. Think of it as building a pyramid network(not the scam). Although there are some that do an alternative method of it by creating 10 dummy accounts, that is also acceptable if you like to "role-play" a bit.

Here are the emoticons:

 - (bigeyes)
 - (funkydance)
 - (idiot)
 - (lonely)
 - (scenic)
- (hassle)
 - (panic)
 - (okok)
 - (yahoo)
 - (cry)

These can be found on the Extra Set of your plurk emoticons.

Free Emoticons can also be found in Plurk, these are hidden emoticons since they do not appear on the set lists on the previous posts. You'd have to search on the internet or ask a friend or anyone who knows it.  

 - (Русский)
 - (fireworks)
 - (bzz)
 - (dance_bzz)
 - (goal)
 - (code) 
 - (yarr)

The (okok) emoticon seems to be popular in plurk therefore different variations of (okok) have been created.
 - (gym_okok)
 - (hungry_okok)
 - (music_okok)
 - (yarr_okok)
 - (wave_okok)
 - (dance_okok)
 - (code_okok)
 - (dance_yarr)
 - (angry_okok)
 - (taser_okok)

Every year the world celebrates special occasions like Christmas or even Valentine's day. Plurk celebrates with you as well with these emoticons that can only be used on those said days. Though the Xmas emoticons can also be used even before Xmas day.

 - (xmas1)
 - (xmas2)
 - (xmas3) 
 - (xmas4)
 - (v_shy)
 - (v_love)
 -  (v_perfume)
 - (v_tiffany)
 - (v_mail)
 - (flower)

Birthdays do not have special emoticons, instead plurk will give you a plurkcake beside your nickname. "This will be edited once I get that bday icon for plurk"

New Free Emoticons

These came with the (okok) family but not a part of the (okok) family.

 -  (no_dance)
 -  (banana_gym)
 - (droid_dance)

*Rage emoticons*

These ones aren't animated but they portray different emotions, they're quite funny too. These emoticons have boy and girl versions but either way it's the same. LOL.

 - (fuu)
 - (gfuu)
 - (yay)
 - (gyay)
 - (bah)
 - (gbah)
 - (troll)
 - (gtroll)
 - (aha)
 - (gaha)
 - (whatever)
 - (gwhatever)
 - (pokerface)
 - (gpokerface)
 - (yea)
 - (gyea)
 - (jazzhands)

Either this gets updated should there be another new set of emoticons or there will be just another article dedicated to the new stuff. Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy plurking. ;-)

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