Thursday, July 14, 2011


Happy Birthday To Me!!! LOL

Anyway there's not really much to I'm officially 23 years old and finally I'm entering the mid 20's. Something that 10 years ago was like a farcry of impossibility. But now I'm at this age where I'm really getting the pressures of society..meaning I should start becoming useful and productive.

I know I have a dinner date later on today, and I'm planning to just buy the original Ipod Shuffle since I couldn't go out that late. Anyway, as far as that goes I'll be preparing some funds for my dinner date and stuff I hope to also find my missing memory stick because I want to take some pictures later on. I don't know who she really was pertaining to, but I felt like it was against me..But anyway, I'm quietly moving on from that, now I don't expect the other girl to start liking me now, but I just want to be by her side...because she's special.

I seem to be in a nostalgic mood right now..because it's my birthday and I'm spending it with one of the very important and special person from my past. I know she may not really feel the same towards me but I don't care..I'm in love with her again.

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