Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oktoberfest in S4 League.

Straight from this link:

Oktoberfest Event!
Here it is: The biggest festival in the world comes to S4!

If you play 3 games a day every day during the event period, you'll receive the Dunkel Beer Mug with Smartpack effect for 30 days, this means it comes with the forcepack stats, but limited in time.
This event takes place between September 7th and 20th.

Oktoberfest Event 2!
And just in case S4 didn't have enough Oktoberfest already, we've got another event prepared for you. Since a celebration is no fun by yourself, if you log in during the event period you'll receive a free beer mug from us on the next day. Cheers!

The accessory given is the Draft Beer accessory with PEN stats for 7 days.

S4 can be read again!
After weeks of impleasance with the font of the new GUI, it is finally done: The Comic Sans is gone. From now on, you can see all your favourite menus in Verdana.

I really can't wait for my AP and Paypal/Moneybookers LOL

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